Arabica Producing Regions of Indonesia



The name “Sumatra” evokes the natural beauty and complexity of rain forest. This island is home to many rare animals, including orangutan, tigers, rhinos, pygmy elephants, sun bears and clouded leopards. 

Coffee from this western-most island in Indonesia is also intriguing and complex, due to the large number of small-holder producers and the unique semi-wet processing technique they use.   At the green bean stage, coffee from this area has a distinctive bluish color, which is attributed to processing method and lack of iron in the soil.

Coffees from Sumatra are known for smooth, sweet body that is balanced and intense. Depending on the region, or blend of regions, the flavors of the land and processing can be very pronounced. Notes of cocoa, tobacco, smoke, earth and cedar wood can show well in the cup. Occasionally, Sumatran coffees can show greater acidity, which balances the body. This acidity takes on tropical fruit notes and sometimes an impression of grapefruit or lime.

Lintong and Mandheling

Lintong coffee is grown in the District of Lintongnihuta, to the south-west of Lake Toba. This large lake is one of the deepest in the world, at 505 meters. The coffee production area is a high plateau, known for its diversity of tree fern species. This area produces 15,000 to 18,000 tons of Arabica per year. 

Mandheling is a trade name, used for Arabica coffee from northern Sumatra. It was derived from the name of the Mandailing people, who produce coffee in the Tapanuli region of western Sumatra. 

Gayo Mountain, Aceh region

Gayo Mountain coffee is grown on the hillsides surrounding the town of Takegon and Lake Tawar, at the northern tip of Sumatra, in the region of Aceh. The altitude in the production area averages between 1,110 and 1,300 meters. The coffee is grown by small-holders, under shade trees.

Coffee from this region is generally processed at farm-level, using traditional semi-wet methods. Due to the wet processing, Gayo Mountain coffee is described as higher toned and lighter bodied than Lintong and Mandheling coffees from further east in Sumatra.

Mangkuraja, southern Sumatra

Mangkuraja, in Bengkulu Province, is the newest Arabica production area in Sumatra.  This origin has a 150 hectare plantation, as well as small-scale producers.  The altitude of the production area ranges from 1,100 to 1,300 meters.  The coffee is sun dried on raised beds and wet hulled, using the "giling basah" technique.

SCAI exporter and contact

Production area Name and cup profile Certification Crop cycle

 Olam Indonesia

Mandheling  Good body with medium acidity.  Floral with a sweet aftertaste  General practice  February to April 

 CV. Yudi Putra

 Lintong Good body and balance.  Chocolate and a little spicy General practice, organic, Utz Cafe and fair trade available  October to June 
 PT Indo Cafco

 Mandheling   Organic and Utz Cafe  October to June 

PT Menacom

Mandheling and Central Aceh     General Practice, Organic, and Utz Certified October to June  

PT Indoarabica

Mangkuraja A balanced coffee with good body and medium acidity General practice October to June